War and Chess


By Helen M. Pugsley

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Even though it was ten years ago the war seems like just yesterday! I remember the way my father looked at me when I stood up to King Haylend and his son Prince Quillpeck, every tender bruise Teacher P gave me when he taught me how to use a sword, taking in the simple pleasures in that dark time by continuing to play chess with Father every day, Madam Gravoldie’s unusual scent, and most of all the blue fairy’s face. Sometimes I have nightmares about those deep blue eyes staring into nothing from the bottom of that wretched pit… That was the turning point in my life. I was no longer a sheltered princess, I became a warrior. I fought alongside (and with) Kings and common folk. Fairies, dryads, minotaurs, centaurs, fawns, trolls, elves, and of course we few humans. Looking back it’s a wonder how I got through it all. I did it though. And now here I am on my coronation day.

When the dark cloud of war hangs over the country of Gishlan, Princess Amethyst must save the country, countless lives on both sides, and her sanity…

All that Princess Amethyst wants is to be taken seriously, and not treated like a child. To find this satisfaction she must leave behind a bit of her comfortable lifestyle to fight and kill people and other various mythical creatures.

In doing so she learns that the world is bigger than her own little bubble…Can her mind handle this? How many lives will be lost? Will Princess Amethyst find what she’s looking for, or something entirely different?