Helen M. Pugsley

Helen M. Pugsley


Helen  M. Pugsley comes from a small town of twenty in eastern Wyoming. She has been passionate about writing since she was small. War and Chess has been her ‘baby’ so to speak, of five years. She started working on it as a freshman in high school. The story line all started out as a dream she just couldn’t seem to shake.

Helen has won several writing awards during high school for her short stories and poetry. In 2012 she won honorable mention in the Famous Poets annual contest, had an article about her summer camp experiences published in the camp’s newsletter and as of April 1, 2012 she has enjoyed VIP status on Teenink.com in addition to winning an Editor’s Choice Award for a haiku on the site in February 5, 2015. That same poem was published in their April 2015 Magazine. In 2013 she won Honorable Mention for her flash fiction story in Scholastics Art and Writing Awards and again she won Honorable Mention in the Scholastics contest in 2014 for her poetry.

Helen enjoys traveling and is always thrilled to excite friends with tales of playing music on the streets for money, conversing with the drunks who frequent gutters, and the epic struggle of finding a decent bath when living in a car.
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War and Chess