Does it cost anything to publish through Ink Smith?

Nope, we are simply here to publish great books and give readers new and exciting stories.

How long after I sign my contract will my book be published?

About 6 months to a year after signing your book will be in production.

Is there anything required of the author?

The only thing we ask of our author is to market along side our efforts.

What format will my book be available in?

It will be available for purchase in both print and ebook format.

What do I have to do to submit a book?

You need a query letter, a synopsis and the first three chapters. Send it to our submission email.

What genres are you looking for?

We are looking for Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi and their many sub genres. Please check our submission page for more details.

How long from when I submit till’ I get a response?

The initial response can take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Where will my book be available at?

Your book will be available at any company distributed through the Ingram Book Catalog both here in the United States and International.  These companies include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailer websites. Your book will be in both Print and Ebook format.

What is the percentage of manuscripts that get published?

We accept about 4-5% of the submissions sent to us. We publish about 12-15 books a year.



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