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  • The writing life... March 4, 2014
    Starts, stops, lulls, creative sparks, flashes of brilliance, rewrites, doubts, re-dedication and determination, and ultimately writing is happening! Book two is in the works, though painfully slower than I'd hoped...but still faster than book one! Loving the continued support of friends, family, readers, and peers!I have decided to finish writing the complete series and then […]
  • Google me this, Batman? January 3, 2014
    Why are there more than a couple of words in the English language to describe a quantity of "2 or more?"  Aside from the obvious word "two" which can only ever be a quantity of 2, you would think there existed  one more word that could be substituted to specify a quantity of two, and […]
  • I LOVE Barnes & Noble Bookstores December 5, 2013
    I was fortunate enough to be a part of the booksellers "Discovery Friday" event on November 22nd, 2013. I spent the day at the Barnes & Noble in Morrow, GA, where I grew up, and was able to promote and sign books most of the day.  Amy Allen, the CRM at that location, was extremely […]

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  • December IWSG: My Writing Space
    Hello, friends! Today is the day for the December meeting of The Insecure Writer's Support Group. The group was founded by our Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh. To view list members and this month's co-hosts, visit the IWSG page here.This month's IWSG question is:                 What are five objects we'd find in […]
    Julie Flanders
  • November IWSG: Third Time's the Charm?
    Hello, all! Today is the day for the monthly meeting of The Insecure Writer's Support Group. The group was founded by our Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh. To view list members and this month's co-hosts, visit the IWSG page here.I'm actually going to sit this month out because I decided at the last minute to sign up for […]
    Julie Flanders
  • Bubba and Squirt's Big Dig to China by Sherry Ellis!
    It’s a pleasure to be participating in author Sherry Ellis’ BUBBA AND SQUIRT’S BIG DIG TO CHINABlog Tour through MC Book Tours today. Welcome, Sherry!I'm sharing an excerpt of the story, and Sherry is offering a tour-wide international giveaway featuring five autographed copies of her book. More information on the giveaway is listed below.BUBBA AND SQUIRT’S […]
    Julie Flanders

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  • Dance & Text November 25, 2015
    In preparing students in the K-12 Dance Education program here at UTM (University of Tennessee Martin) I love exploring with them other ways of reaching students in the class. One way is the use of poetry or some form of writing. By applying their knowledge of either dance techniques or use of choreography with the […]
  • Tea & Writing 2 July 10, 2015
    Well this morning I am drinking my Indian Spice tea. And again my tastes begin to translate the story in my head. So from the last blog entry I gave you all a snippet from my new story it continues like this: “Clara! Are you home? It’s Akiko” Akiko was now my guardian. My mother […]
  • Stream of consciousness July 9, 2015
    Stream of Consciousness created after my father’s passing— when creating this I also thought of my time as a choreographer and what happens to the brain during the creative process– for me so much goes on and I wanted to do something that brought a sense of mystery and whimsy. when writing this new story […]

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  • “Wrong” / Memorable Fancies #2384 December 12, 2018
    [“The madman is not always wrong about everything.” – Michel Foucault] Always wrong about everything, sometimes wrong about everything, sometimes wrong about some things, sometimes right about some things, sometimes right about everything. Always right about everything. Yes. Yes.
  • “The Mirror-Maker III” / Memorable Fancies #2383 December 11, 2018
    The mirror-maker has placed a different mirror in each room of his home. Originally, he made them to show his ideal self: taller, more assured, less hair-loss, etc. Failure to succeed in this resulted in smashing. But now …. Some of the mirrors show nothing. Others show the inventor the self he’d always secretly wanted […]
  • “I’m good and mad!” / Memorable Fancies #2382 December 10, 2018
    [“Madness as a defense against terror.” – Susan Sontag]        No, it’s the other way ’round; that’s why I watch zombie movies.