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We Can’t All Be Great August 16, 2014You’re walking out to your car after a late day at work. Its about 7:30. The suns making its way down under the horizon and you can see long shadows forming on the sidewalk. Its not that you’re scared – why would you be? You live in a safe part of town – but you […]Late to the Party of the Apes August 3, 2014Yes, I know that the movie came out awhile ago now. Don’t look at me like that Caesar. Still, I think that I want to throw my two cents in on the glorious movie that is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. In keeping with my petty cash metaphor, the first of my two pennies […]A Jolly Day December 25, 2013Here’s to hoping you aren’t spending too much time on the internet reading blog posts! Though if it happens that your are, here are a few Christmas Gifs to look at. Courtesy of           (by Animade)       (by Sam Glynn)       (by  Romain Lacroix)   Hope you […]

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The Collector’s Society by Heather Lyons October 23, 2014AN (UN)OFFICIAL AND RATHER DISORGANIZED REVIEW First, the usual terms and conditions. I received an ARC copy of The Collectors’ Society in exchange for an honest review. I didn’t let it color my impression, pinkie swear! A BRIEF OVERVIEW (from the back cover) After years in Wonderland, Alice has returned to England as an adult, desperate to […]Well, THE DINNER Was Unexpected October 20, 2014I’m totally that person, it turns out, that would drive off a cliff if my phone told me to. I put a lot of faith in the computer. For example, this week I took a BuzzFeed quiz that claimed to be able to tell me what the perfect book for me to read in the […]The One Where Everybody Loves Fall October 12, 2014There are many, many reasons that autumn makes me happy. I live in Michigan, so first and foremost there’s the fact that it is the prettiest time of year here (and, also, the only time that there is no construction, the weather is perfect, we have awesome things to do, and nothing has frost on […]

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The writing life… March 4, 2014Starts, stops, lulls, creative sparks, flashes of brilliance, rewrites, doubts, re-dedication and determination, and ultimately writing is happening! Book two is in the works, though painfully slower than I'd hoped…but still faster than book one! Loving the continued support of friends, family, readers, and peers!I have decided to finish writing the cGoogle me this, Batman? January 2, 2014Why are there more than a couple of words in the English language to describe a quantity of "2 or more?"  Aside from the obvious word "two" which can only ever be a quantity of 2, you would think there existed  one more word that could be substituted to specify a quantity of two, and that other specific words would  then describe quantitiI LOVE Barnes & Noble Bookstores December 4, 2013I was fortunate enough to be a part of the booksellers "Discovery Friday" event on November 22nd, 2013. I spent the day at the Barnes & Noble in Morrow, GA, where I grew up, and was able to promote and sign books most of the day.  Amy Allen, the CRM at that location, was extremely gracious, as was the entire staff, including the store manager.

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Thunderclap, Ice Fest, & a Goodreads GiveawayHello, all! I hope your week is going well so far. Last week was a busy one for me as I took my mom to her last round (yay!) of chemotherapy. She is feeling great, but now all we can do is wait to see the results of her PET scan in February and hope that the cancer is gone. These past six months have certainly been emotional for my family and we are all so g Julie FlandersUntethered Realms News from Christine Rains & Angela BrownAs many people know I am proud to be part of the Untethered Realms writing group. So it's exciting for me to be able to share great news from two of my fellow UnRealms members and help spread the word about their work.I had also planned to shamelessly beg people to help me promote the Thunderclap campaign I want to start for Polar Day today. But as is t Julie FlandersIWSG and the Excitement/Anxiety of New IdeasHello fellow IWSG'ers! Welcome to the first IWSG meeting of 2015. That 5 at the end of that number is hard to believe, isn't it? I feel like the year 2000 and all the hype and hysteria surrounding Y2K was just a few years ago. I know I'm old when time moves that quickly.Since our group has been around for a while now Alex and the other organiz Julie Flanders

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A New Year’s Message from John December 31, 2014Hello All, Tonight is New Year’s eve, tomorrow begins 2015. I have no philosophical message to bring, but my hubby does. Below is a link to diagrammingsentences John’s blog where he spews out his thoughts, ideas, images about life and writing. From John McCormick “Another Year” If I have a message it is this: Happy […]Cold here in TN time to snuggle up and read Bene Lumen Chronicles! November 22, 2014Ok, so it has been very cold here in Tennessee. It is not to say it doesn’t get cold here, but our usual time is January/February—-It is November! That said the weather definitely gets you in the mood for Thanksgiving and soon Christmas. I haven’t been blogging a lot these days, as school has been […]Happy Halloween October 31, 2014Just a fun video for halloween.Filed under: Wife of an Author musings

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for Mark Tobey (American painter, 1890-1976) / Memorable Fancies #1092 January 23, 2015Some of us climbed / down from our ivory tower /   he said / touching high white hair /   hand over hand /   Took one look / he said / and climbed back up /   again  Filed under: – Tagged: ivory tower, Mark Tobey, painter, painting, poem, poetryToday is John Donne’s 443rd Birthday / Memorable Fancies #1091 January 22, 2015[John Donne, the famous poet, was also the most popular English preacher of his day, a master of fanciful prose of an extravagantly morbid sort, as here:]      “What kind of man I shall be upon my death bed, what trembling hands, what deaf ears, what gummy eyes I shall have then, I know; and […]“‘Once more, with feeling'” / Memorable Fancies #1090 January 21, 2015     The singer’s sad songs make us all cry. Too honest for commercial entertainment, he tells us, too emotional; no club would book him, no label record his music.      But he’s singing to us here in the asylum, he says, as an act of charity. That’s what he tells us, anyway, as we sob […]