Incredible Edible Meg in the Medusa Eye Camera Obscura

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Brand: Native Ink Press
Author: Vincent Vinas
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
Format: Paperback

For all his wicked genius and evil intentions, the villainous Basil Blizzard lacks the "insane" aspect of being a Mad Scientist. Nothing infuriates him more than the fact all of his marbles are completely in order, unlike the Blizzards before him. He believes insanity will make him great like his ancestors. Sounds like a crazy person to me, doesn't it? Well he's not and he knows it. Therein lies his dilemma. On the other end, the brilliant and excruciatingly nice scientist, Dill DeMorrow, has created Nutmeg, a little girl who he raises as his daughter. She is adorable. She is equally brilliant. She is made of cake. And what Dill doesn't know is that Basil has recently become aware of the power granted to anyone who makes a birthday wish from a candle planted in Meg's small, spongy, cake hand. Blizzard will stop at nothing to obtain her and through the use of a menacing, reptile-like camera, Nutmeg will be forced out on a dangerous and wacky journey unlike she could ever imagine.

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