The Coat

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Author: Evelyn Allen Harper
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Romance
Format: Paperback

Susan Cook, a residential real estate agent, has no reason to believe that her customer, Charles Holiday, is anything but an ordinary buyer. She finds out that he is neither ordinary nor a buyer when he shows up at her house along with the paid killers who are pursuing him. A wild ride in her car gets them to Charles’s safe house where he has a small plane. When Susan wishes that she had grabbed a warmer coat, Charles presents her with a huge fur-lined fur coat that had been given to him as a gag prize at a golf tournament.

The small plane crashes. Charles and Susan and the fur coat manage to escape the wreckage before it explodes. Charles, who sustains a head injury in the crash, claims his name is not Charles, but Ryan, a famous professional golfer. He remembers nothing of Charles and he thinks Susan is a groupie, albeit an old one.

Stranded on a marijuana farm, the coat is the only protection the two have from the elements. However, it does not protect Ryan from his pursuers.

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