The Funeral Portrait’s Recent Review and Magazine Article

The Funeral Portrait, written by Vincent Viñas, has been stirring up attention lately.

The book is being featured in the latest edition of Gothic Noir, including a front cover blurb.


*Update 1/24/14*

They are almost sold out of their second run of this issue! If you haven’t had a chance to order your copy online yet, head over to the website today! The copy is only 10 dollars plus shipping.

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Intravenous Magazine has also recently done a great review on The Funeral Portrait. They do a wonderful job outlining and comparing the book to other great novels.

You can check out the article here:

Here’s an excerpt:


“Despite humanity’s collective unconsciousness being hard-wired around sex and death, suicide is not easy topic for a lot of people to deal with, especially when it’s a subject a little too close to home for comfort. Which is why Vincent Viñas’ novel ‘The Funeral Portrait’ is so unexpectedly pleasurable to read.
The book focuses on Guy – a world weary and somewhat pathetic character intent on ending his life, but lacking the motivation to do it. He frequents the top of an old nearby factory with all the drive to throw himself off the top, but never manages to go through with it…” Intravenous Magazine, the Funeral Portrait, By Sean M. Palfrey 12.2.13


Join the excitement! Get your copy of The Funeral Portrait today!