Ink Smith Publishing


Ink Smith Publishing is a small, independent publishing house with big dreams. Established in 2012, Ink Smith Publishing aims to work closely with our authors to develop their books, marketing plans, and sales. Our company distributes internationally and have published books that have gone on to receive nationally recognized awards.

Our publishing tastes have evolved over the last decade. Starting with horror and mystery, we soon discovered our passion for books in more genres. We have published works in the Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, and more!

Leadership changes set us on a new course for 2020, but like many businesses that course was altered significantly once the pandemic hit. As we enter 2022, we have streamlined our publishing goals and narrowed our focus so that we can publish novels as successfully as we can.

Prospective authors, if you’ve visited us in the past, please make sure to check out our updated Submission Guidelines (effective as of February 2022). Readers, we ask that you stay tuned and be ready for more new books!