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We have a wide range of authors including both local and international authors. Every author we work one on one with their book from start to finish. 


Our titles vary by genre. We make it our mission to publish not only well written books, but unique story lines. We don't accept every submission we receive, in fact we have a 5% acceptance rate in order to provide our readers with top quality work. 


Fantasy Fiction

Let our books take you to different worlds, dimension and time periods with our Fantasy Fiction genre.

Science Fiction

Our books travel through space, time and everything in between in our Science Fiction genre. Follow the characters and their adventures.

Young Adult

We have books in the Young Adult genre with sub genres such as Fantasy, Sci-fi, Werewolf and More.


Looking for a good crime thriller or gruesome story line? Look no further! We have a wide variety of Mystery/Horror novels to fill your fancy.