Daemon Theory: Brotherhood

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Author: J. Alton Mast
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Post Apocalyptic
Format: Paperback

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Hesan and the Black Order have to the ring city of Naremas in the wake of the Fenris disaster, and hoping to reestablish their capital city. While Alecko, Maye, and the surviving members of Rota remain trapped within the ruined city by the hand of Alecko’s venomous sister, the mad zealot known as Atlas.
Starving and with little options, Rota is forced to fight their way out of the great rings, finding that their only haven left on earth is within the horrific wastes of Purge. However, Rota finds that friends come from all places. Alecko soon finds herself entangled in the folds of the Draic tribe, an mysterious and bizarre subterranean group of ancient daemons who may hold the answers to unlocking the prophetic disaster surrounding her. All the while, Maye struggles to come to terms with her place in the prophecy and war is on the horizon…

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