Love of the Sea (Hardcover)

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Author: Lauren A.R. Masterson
Genre: Young Adult, Mermaid Lore
Format: Hard cover

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Release Date: April 27, 2018

As crown prince, Cormack is required to take a bride and his place as king. His father's choice is Princess Nephara of their neighboring ally, the Kingdom of Caraway. But the appearance of Asrai, a fiery mermaid determined to get what she wants, and an heir to her own throne, has Cormack wondering where his heart's loyalty lies.

Exiled from her underwater kingdom, Asrai is determined to do whatever is necessary to return to her throne, but Cormack, once a means to an end, has enchanted her. Can Asrai get the best of both worlds, or will she sacrifice her heart for her kingdom?

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