Time Sailors

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Author: Shelli Frew
Genre: Historical Science-Fiction
Format: Paperback

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Tempusnauts are time travelers - and they are being hunted across generations by the future to be used in experimentation in the past. Follow our heroes on a journey of deceit and danger through the ages as they learn about their powers, and themselves.

Once upon a time, in San Francisco 1964. No, wait, 2031 in the U.K. Or was it the 1860’s in the Confederacy? Once upon a time, in all these times and all these places, there were three friends and many adventures.

Stokely, Sam, and Virginia are tempusnauts , travelers who can traverse time and space itself due to an unknown biological mechanism. Using their unique abilities, they wander together through the ages, seeking excitement and escapades. Meeting other time travelers, journeying to famous historical events, gaining secrets from their future selves.

Life, however, is not as idyllic for the intrepid timetrotting adventurers as it would seem. Hidden in the shadows and between the decades are other, more sinister travelers who would bring harm to the trio. Following them through the years is a serial killer who uses his affinity of time travel to avoid capture, and sinister government agents from a distant future seek them out for nefarious purposes. How the three companions will stay safe in the face of such dangers is anyone’s guess.

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